How to Promote a Hair Salon Business

There are multiple reasons to promote your hair salon business – maybe you’re new and no one knows you, maybe you’ve hit a slump and feel frustrated, or maybe you took your foot off the marketing gas pedal.  No matter which one of these is happening for you I’ve got some good ideas to help you bounce back and get those customers in the door.  Keep on reading!

So, how best to promote a hair salon business?  

To promote a hair salon business, you should start with a well-thought-out plan of different marketing tactics to target potential customers such as offering packages, subscriptions, discounts, forming partnerships, and being active in the community to motivate them to make an appointment.  This plan should have a set of promotion goals and tactics. 

If you don’t have a plan, it’s OK.  I am here to help you.

At a minimum, your marketing plan will help you think about your salon, what you’re trying to accomplish, and how best to succeed.  Use what works for you and insert your fabulous ideas!  Here are (6) promotion goals with tactics to achieve them:

  1. Give people a great reason to come to your salon
  2. Go over and above on the small stuff that makes the difference
  3. Be the BEST salon in town
  4. Be the “go-to” salon for people moving into town
  5. Embed your business in the community.  
  6. Have a social media presence

Give people a great reason to come to your salon – Differentiate Yourself!

How to Promote a Hair Salon Business

There are plenty of hair salons to go to so why go to yours?  Give your potential customers a reason to come to you.  Most hair salons offer haircuts, hair treatments, hair products, and maybe additional services such as waxing, nails, and facials.  

If you don’t already have the additional services beyond hair service, can you add them?  Do you have the room to provide space to an aesthetician, a nail tech, or a massage therapist?  If you do, consider it adding them and have a grand re-opening!

If you already have some of these additional services, consider offering packages for multiple treatments.

Consider offering a subscription for your salon.  Can you offer a reduced rate on a service if a client book out six months or a year?

Think about partnering with a nearby business and offer complementary services/products at a discounted price.

Lastly, temporary discounts on services are possible, but be sure to plan these well and know what the return on investment is that you’re looking for.  If you don’t, you could lose money.

Go over and above on the small stuff that makes the difference

Confirm appointments the day before by either sending a text or calling your client.  Make sure they know you’re looking forward to seeing them.

Remember the conversations you have with your client.  Take notes afterward if needed.  What did you talk about?  Is there anything new in their life?  Is there a special occasion coming up for them? Can you send a card?

Make sure you’re on time.  Don’t make a client wait.  Pride yourself on this.

Have a lovely and happy entrance area.  Have clients walk into a space that is welcoming, warm, and a place they want to return to.  

Always ask for customer feedback.  Ask them to fill out a card letting you know what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what suggestions they have.  Keep it anonymous so they feel safe, to tell the truth.

Show up as the BEST salon in town

Make a point of driving by other salons in town.  Check out their window and see how they represent themselves.  Are their windows classy, up-to-date with photo images, with a great logo?  Or are they worn and covered in outdated photos?  

What reputation do you want in your area?  Your storefront says everything about you and people will judge.  Make sure your windows target the clientele you want to attract.  Are your photos or logo old?  Maybe it’s time to revamp – and get some new photos and a new logo designed.  After updating your storefront maybe you can have a grand re-opening.

If you update your logo you can also consider marketing materials, SWAG (Stuff We All Get), for your current clients, past clients you want back, and the potential clients you’ve yet to meet.  SWAG such as emery boards and other manicuring tools, pens, flash drives, branded t-shirts, etc.  You can end up with people walking around town advertising for you!

Word of mouth is still the most effective way to find new customers according to salon nerds.  92% of consumers trust word of mouth above all other advertising and 70% choose online customer reviews as their second trusted choice.  

Do a good job so your clientele speaks well of your business!  Continue reading for more good promotion ideas to build your salon’s customer base.

Be the “go-to” salon for people moving into town

How to Promote a Hair Salon Business

What are most people worried about when moving to a new town?  Finding a dentist, a doctor, schools for their children, and hair salons!  New people moving to your town is a good market to tap into.  If you can get to the new residents you could have their loyalty for years to come.  

Begin by looking at how many customers you lose during the year for one reason or another.  These are the ones you need to consider replacing.  When you know this number you can start a “New Mover” campaign.  Reach out to realtors, moving companies, and the chamber of commerce and see if you can partner with them to market to their clients and people making inquiries.  You can make up new customer postcards and mail them or set up a social media campaign offering a discount on some treatment for the new residents.

Be in charge of finding these new movers and getting to them before they find a salon on their own or your competitors get to them first.

Embed your salon in the community by giving

A very good and important way of showing up in your community is through service.  Not only does service allow you to be generous, help others, and fulfill a sense of duty, but it’s also a great way for residents in your area to learn about you and consider you for their hair and beauty needs.  Here are some thoughts to consider if you choose to establish a charitable arm of your business:

Choose your cause carefully – choose the cause that not only resonates for you but will also be a more “universal” theme with your staff.  Don’t assume that everyone cares about the same thing.  Select a way of giving that makes your core team feel good.

Make giving a core value of your business – for any organization to truly make community service part of their mission, leadership dedication is a must.  If you, the owner, aren’t modeling the behavior of commitment then no one else will and your plan will fail.

Show appreciation for the work your team does – giving back to the community can make everyone feel good.  Be sure to make the plan achievable and remember to thank them and value their service.  Working with your team to make a difference in the lives of others can bring everyone closer together.

Have a social media presence

Social media is important for growing your salon business.  In the digital era, your clients are looking for prompt communication and instant gratification.  Social media promotion does both quickly and costs less than traditional marketing promotion.  Here are some reasons to be active on social media:

Social media helps build brand loyalty by giving you a platform to be communicative and open with your clientele by responding to their questions and feedback promptly.

It helps you stay competitive with the salon a few blocks away that’s on social media or even gives you a competitive advantage over the salons that aren’t marketing digitally.

It’s a great way to stay in touch and brag about your salon.  You can use photos, art, and testimonials to show your value and you can have fun with contests, games, and business promos.

Social media lets you “be you.”  You get to show your personality, your knowledge about hair trends, and even your hobbies as a way to connect with your audience. 

Learn more about advertising your business HERE.

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