How to Write Your Salon Business Plan

Opening a salon takes planning, preparation, and execution. Writing a business plan is one of the biggest tasks you will have in planning your new salon. However, knowing what to write in your salon’s business plan is even more crucial. To write your salon business plan cover these sections: Salon Mission Statement Problem Salon Solves … Read more

The Annual Salary of a Salon Owner

Average Hair Salon Owner's Annual Salary

Now that you have opened your hair salon, you may be wondering about the salary potential that you can make for yourself once your business is off the ground. Your annual salary will depend on many factors, but we have narrowed down some average projections for you to see what you are in for as … Read more

A Guide to Opening a New Salon

Checklist for Opening a Hair Salon (What to know before you open)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced business professional or someone just starting out in the industry—knowing what to expect when you start your own hair salon is key to your salon’s success. Following the checklist below can help you prepare for not just what happens now, but what happens next. When opening a salon, … Read more

Finding Salon Chair to Rent in Your Area

How to find salon chairs for rent in your area. (and how to ask how much they cost.)

If you’re in the hairstyling business, then you already know exactly why you can’t stick a client in a standard wooden desk or dining room chair. For you, it’ll be difficult to maneuver the client’s head, properly access their hair, and generally just move around the chair. Meanwhile, they’ll probably be miserable, and instead of … Read more

Legal Requirements for a Beauty Salon

General Legal Requirements for a Beauty Salon in the USA

Running a beauty salon or any other business has several legal requirements. Depending on the type of business, and its location, the requirements can vary. Some municipalities and states can have different requirements than others. As a business owner, it is your job to follow these regulations. Ignorance is not accepted as an excuse and … Read more