How to Create Your Hair Salon Slogan and Motto

Create your hair salon slogan and motto; start by writing down what you consider your beliefs and ideals. Keeping it short and catchy is the way to go.

Make sure you craft your words to send the right message to your customers, current and potential. What words will best represent your salon? Your hair salon slogan is how customers and others will know what you are all about. Look around for inspiration and choose wisely.


Brainstorm to be creative and unique with your slogan and motto. Take 10 minutes and write down all the ideas that come into your head; it doesn’t matter if they sound silly or unworkable. This first stage of brainstorming is to lay the foundation for your creative slogan and motto. 

You might even invite a friend or significant other to join in on your brainstorming session. You could be pleasantly surprised to hear what others think of.

You’ve probably used brainstorming before and not even realized it. It’s been around forever as a way to unlock creativity and find solutions to everyday problems, but there is a correct way to brainstorm if you want it to be as effective as it can be.

Hair Salon Slogans & Mottos

“Applied Imagination” is the title of the book by Alex Osborn, written in 1953. Brainstorming techniques have gone through lots of changes since then. In reality, it’s just an informal way to problem solve using lateral thinking. 

When done right, a session of brainstorming can jolt you out of your usual ways of thinking. If you brainstorm with a friend, it’s essential to let the ideas flow, stop giving an opinion, or judge anything that is said. It’s also a good idea to take notes during the session, especially on the ideas that speak to you.

Lateral Thinking

A book by Edward de Bono called “Lateral thinking: Creativity Step by Step” explains the process of lateral thinking. When we try to solve a problem, we use a linear, step-by-step approach, but more creative ways involve taking a step “sideways.” By doing this, you’ll be able to re-examine slogans and mottos for your hair salon from a much more innovative viewpoint. 

Lateral thinking is solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. With intuition, risk-taking, and imagination using unconscious and subconscious processes, brainstorming can produce original, creative solutions to creating your hair salon slogan and motto.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

One way to brainstorm a slogan and motto for your hair salon can involve putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. What might they say about the way your salon atmosphere feels to them? How about your salon decor? What does it say to customers?

Imagine yourself sitting with a group of potential customers and listening to their input about your salon. What would they say? What wouldn’t they say? Imagine yourself with people who aren’t your customers; they’re simply people who might walk by your salon on their way to somewhere else. What is their first impression of your salon from the outside?

Become an Investigator

If you’ve ever watched a detective show, you’ve seen investigators look at problems from all angles when trying to solve a crime.  Some of the ideas they come up with may seem bizarre, but that’s because they’re ‘listening to their gut.’ That’s part of being a good investigator.

Follow Your Gut

Get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and let the hair salon ideas and thoughts flow through your mind. This is an excellent exercise to loosen up your subconscious mind and can be the start of a flood of slogans and mottos for your salon. 

Following your gut is an intuitive process, and you can feel uncomfortable at first. Just let your feelings and thoughts flow and see where they lead you.

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Pattern Changing

Hair Salon Slogans & Mottos

As humans, we love to follow patterns. Patterns are predictable and explainable; they give us a comfortable foundation to work from. But using old patterns of thinking when coming up with your salon slogan and motto may not get you where you want to go.

Changing the pattern of your thinking by thinking laterally is known as pattern changing. It’s also known as thinking outside the box. It may seem awkward at first, but when you get used to it, you’ll like and enjoy it.  

Look forward and focus on the information you have at hand to create your salon slogan and motto. Looking back to past events and situations isn’t part of the process of lateral thinking and brainstorming. 

Instead, look forward and focus on whatever information you have in front of you; this information will affect your slogan and motto’s outcome.

Wishful Thinking

Consider engaging in wishful thinking to come up with your salon slogan and motto. Wishful thinking involves vision, mission, and values. What is your vision for your salon, what is your mission as you see it, and what are your values?

When you meditate on these things, some thoughts and ideas may be, or seem to be, unrealistic. Your inner voice might say they would be ineffective, politically incorrect, or just plain ridiculous. This is the point at which you should ignore your inner voice to push forward into creativity.

Typical problem solving uses a linear, step by step approach. But if you want to free your thinking enough to get creative, you have to take an imaginary step ‘sideways.’ From this lateral viewpoint will come new ideas and ways of thinking. 

Some of your thoughts might at first seem crazy; other thoughts will spark new thoughts and ideas. Overall, this type of thinking will jolt you out of your normal thinking process and set you on a new thought adventure. 

The same kind of thinking that applies to creating a slogan will also apply to creating a motto. A motto is simply a brief statement of purpose that sums up your hair salon’s essential aspects. In other words, your motto is what you and your salon are all about. 

A motto is another form of a slogan. Your motto’s goal is for it to capture the essence of what you do; it’s what your hair salon stands for. When the right words are chosen, your brand will be enhanced by providing instant identification for your company.

What does your company stand for? What is the essence of how you do what you do? This needs to be clarified before you can come up with the right motto for your salon. 

Decide what makes you different, what makes you better than your competition. Is it your talent, your experience, the products you sell? Incorporate all of these aspects into your motto.

Motto Writing

Hair Salon Slogans & Mottos

What is motto writing? Write out all of your thoughts on your business, your goals, what you like about being a hairstylist, even what you don’t like about it. 

Then, narrow it down into a few sentences that you feel convey what you and your salon are all about. Your focus should be all about creating short but captivating phrases or sentences when you get to this stage. 

These phrases and sentences should be about five to seven words long, but at the same time, don’t censor yourself. Then, set it all aside for at least a few hours and come back to reassess it.

When you come back to reassess what you’ve come up with, it helps to read what you’ve written out loud. This will help you identify anything that doesn’t make sense or isn’t the way you intended it to sound. It will also help you hear what your customers will hear; if it sounds boastful or untrue or doesn’t sound right for any reason, now is the time to remedy that. 

Print Them Out

When you’ve finished your motto writing, print each saying you’ve come up with on a separate sheet of paper, and review all of them. How do they look from a distance? What impression do they make on you? How do they make you feel? 

These feelings are useful clues as to which motto will be best suited to your hair salon. It will probably be a difficult choice, but it’s going to be worth the effort.

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How can I make sure my slogan and motto aren’t already in use?

You can research your slogan and motto with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to verify it isn’t being used by anyone else. You can also Google your ideas and see what comes up.

How can I test my motto and slogan to see what others think?

Give your motto and slogan a test drive by running it by your friends. Ask them for their honest opinions and reassure them they won’t hurt your feelings. Also, try out your motto on people you consider just acquaintances or your Facebook friends. Most people like to give their opinions on things, so take advantage of this.

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