Best Salon Business Name Generators

The best salon business name generators will relieve you of the hassle of coming up with a name from scratch. 

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The best salon name generators are Nameboy, GoDaddy, Oberlo, Shopify, and NetSubstance.

1. Nameboy has been around since 1999; it’s the oldest and claims to be the best business name generator on the Internet. It can create short, catchy, brandable business names using artificial intelligence.

Using specific keywords when you use Nameboy will give you the best results. The more specific your keywords, the better your results.

2. GoDaddy

will help you find a business name and get your business going. Start with the basics by writing down what your business is all about. Then get creative and think about what makes your brand different and unique.

3. Oberlo


Best Salon Business Name GeneratorsStart by entering keywords that pertain to your business. Think about your company’s core concept; this will help you come up with the right keywords.

4. Shopify

Sometimes the right name for your business will come up right away, but more often than not, it does not. Shopify can help you name your business in 10 seconds or less. You can also secure your domain name here.

When you use Shopify’s business name generator, it will quickly provide you with available, auto-generated names.

5. NetSubstance

With NetSubstance, you enter your keywords and click “Generate Brand Names.” NetSubstance will come up with a list of original names. It will also query the whois database, which allows you to see if your business name is already registered.

How to Choose a Name for Your Hair Salon

Naming your hair salon is one of the small, practical matters you’ll have to deal with before you open. What kind of name would be the best choice for your salon? It would help if you had something unique, appropriate, and eye-catching. 

Search the web for inspirational ideas and keep a list of those that sound like they’ll work for your salon. Sometimes friends and family can be an excellent sounding board for your naming ideas; be sure you let them know that you want their honest opinion, and don’t let it hurt your feelings.

Choosing a name might not be as easy as a simple, brainstorming session. You need to consider the name, your location, and the services you’ll be providing. These three facts are an excellent place to start, but they’re only a jumping-off point.

You’ll need to generate as many ideas as possible, so start by thinking of ways to do just that. Ideas will come to you at any time of the day and night. They’ll come at the most unlikely times, like when you’re at the grocery store or home fixing dinner or watching television.

Ensure you record every idea, either on your phone or if it’s not handy, write your ideas down on a piece of paper. Carrying a small notebook around is a great idea too. It should always be handy for you to jot down any idea that pops into your head. 

You might also consider asking friends, family, and acquaintances for their ideas. If you are artistically inclined, try drawing a picture of your idea. To get started correctly, browse your business name generated by industry.

Creating a hair salon name can be tricky. Make sure that whatever you settle on, it’s striking and memorable and that it encompasses all of your services and your brand. Please don’t make the name too unique, and don’t put words into it that are hard to spell or hard to find online or in a phonebook. 

Does the name you want for the salon convey a relevant meaning? Does it avoid overused words and cliches? Is the name you’ve chosen similar to that of your competitors? Consider all of these issues before you settle on a name for your salon.


You want word of mouth to be one of the ways your salon gets known, so make your salon name catchy and one that people will easily remember. If you choose a name that’s too complicated, folks will forget it, and there goes your word of mouth (otherwise known as free) advertising. 

Don’t be afraid to let your emotions get involved in your naming procedure. Try to choose a name that will make people feel good, one that has positive associations. Stay away from the controversial and the political; that will only bring up gloomy and unfavorable thoughts. 

Best Salon Business Name Generators

People go to a hair salon to relax and spoil themselves a little; they go to get away from living tensions. Your salon name can help your customers have that comfortable feeling. 

We, humans, are visually oriented, and we love to see positive imagery. Pictures of happy customers can do a world of good for your salon. Think about the pictures you’ve seen in salons you’ve visited. How did their pictures make you feel?

Have you chosen a name? That’s great! Now you need some feedback on your choice. You could ask friends and family, but you may not get the real objectiveness that you need. 

Try a more unbiased tool like Igor International. Igor International is a well-known branding agency; they have a handy tool to evaluate your chosen name. Their tool provides eight criteria: appearance, humanity, sound, distinctiveness, positioning, depth, brand magic, and energy.

With all of those criteria, you’ll be able to drill down on your chosen name and evaluate and gauge its actual effectiveness.

Several online sources also exist for searching business name availability. To do the most comprehensive search, check out several sources, but your local government office is going to be the most all-encompassing resource. 

Do a Competitor Analysis

There are undoubtedly many salons doing what you do; the hair salon business is a crowded marketplace. To stay a step ahead of the others, do a competitor analysis regularly. 

This step saves a lot of time if you do it when you start your business, but if it doesn’t get done, make sure it’s done as soon as possible. Find out what products other salons are using and selling. What is their salon all about? 

You can do your research on these topics or hire a firm that does such research. Identify your top ten competitors and gather as much data from them as possible. Analyze their content too. Do they use newsletters, YouTube, podcasts? Consider whether or not these avenues will work for your salon. 

Read your competitor’s blog posts, analyze their SEO, check out their social media engagement. Please take all the information you find out about your top competitors and compare it to what you’re doing. Find ways to improve your brand. 

Close knowledge of your competition will go a long way in helping your salon; it’s a significant key to your success. You’ll stand out from other salons in your area; you’ll rank highly and be seen as the first choice for potential customers. Isn’t finding and keeping new customers what it’s all about?

Now that you have the name for your business, What about a motto? Check out the article HERE!

Related Questions

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1. How do I check business name availability?

Call your city government office or the County Clerk’s office in your area. You can check your name availability on their website or go in person to use the public terminals in the County Clerk’s office. Steer clear of trademark infringement by making sure your salon name isn’t being used by someone else. To do a name check, you’ll need to contact the appropriate governmental agency in your area. Call your local government office and ask which department you need to access to check on your salon name’s availability. 

2. Is choosing a business name a free process?

There are lots of naming websites to choose from. Most of them generate names for free. They can help you find a name for your brand in minutes rather than weeks. Something simple, clear, and direct is what you should be aiming for. 

3. Does my salon need a mission statement? 

A mission statement can help you go in the right direction with your company, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. A mission statement will help your customers know what your business is all about.

It will also help you stay focused on the heart and soul of your business. It will help you remember why you started your salon in the first place.

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