5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters Compared

Running your own salon booth can be both rewarding and stressful—especially as you try to schedule new clients. And when you search software programs to help you with this, you can be inundated with possible options. Which ones are the best on the market right now, and which features do you want in a software?

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters:

  1. Fresha
  2. GlossGenius
  3. Rosy
  4. Square Appointments
  5. Vagaro

Whether you’re looking for a simple appointment application or wanting full integration, read on to find out more about each of the most popular software systems for booth renters on the market right now.

1. Fresha

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters ComparedThis software, available worldwide, used to be called Shedul and is now one of the most popular platform. This software is completely subscription free, and stays free—no trial and no limits. You can purchase more features through Fresha, but the free plan is still functional for your salon.

Through Fresha, you can integrate your website, add appointment scheduling, and even include client profiles. Automated reminders, custom messages, online bookings, and integration into social media are all features that are provided through this software.

One drawback to Fresha compared to the other options is that you do not have the ability to customize much. While it doesn’t matter, Fresha’s set up is very user friendly and attractive, if you’re tech savvy and like that customization, you might want to try a different software.

As mentioned before Fresha is free and unlimited. If you want to upgrade to the Fresha Plus plan, you can include a complete payment processing application, No-Show protection, and additional marketing tools. You will also have a 2.19 percent plus 20 cent processing fee for any transaction paid through the app. You will have to pay a 20 percent new client fee, but it only counts towards the first appointment of new clients that apply through the website or application.


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2. GlossGenius

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters ComparedWhen you’re starting out your salon or trying to push forward into a new age for your business, you don’t want to be bogged down by technical jargon. GlossGenius can help with that. Like several other software programs on this list, GlossGenius is an all-in-one software that can give you marketing help, payment programs, and appointment creation at once.

The program is very user friendly and aesthetically attractive—it can help you generate your own website, along with helping sync your clients and the appointment calendar with your mobile devices. You can use several different times of card readers for your point-of-sale system, integrate text and email, and manage anything through mobile.

GlossGenius is $24 per month for your standard subscription. They have unlimited employees included with this subscription, and there is no extra cost incurred after this subscription.


3. Rosy

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters ComparedA benefit for salon owners and booth renters, Rosy allows a salon to purchase the software program for their use while also having a front end for booth renters. This program helps salons open all their stations as rentals, giving their booth renters access to the software so all can use it. Both the salon owner and booth renter can set permissions so financial information or contact information for any clients in the program stay private.

If you’re looking for a way to stay organized not only in your booth, but with the other stations in the salon in which you rent, Rosy is a fantastic option for the entire salon.  You will have access to automated email marketing and text messaging through the software as well.

For renters, Rosy is $19 per month and allows you to manage all aspects of your business while maintaining your private information. If you want to use their Client Connect package, it is $27 per month. The Client Connect version allows for client images to be added, along with text confirmations from your appointments.


4. Square Appointments

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters ComparedIf you’re already using Square products around your booth, like a credit card reader or point-of-sale system, using Square Appointments will easily integrate into your already existing system. This system is affordable—it’s free for individuals—easy to use, functional, and minimalist.

If you accept payment through this platform, you only pay a credit card transaction fee—usually 2.6 percent, plus one cent. This program also allows for you to have a dedicated booking website, along with access to a widget to add to your website for total integration. They will also send out text and email reminders to your clients.

It also allows for advanced client data, including adding images, and inventory management, including alerts when your stock is low. You can also use it on iOS or Android through the app.

For one staff calendar, the product is free with the credit card transaction fee as mentioned before. If you include two staff calendars, it keeps that transaction cost with a $50 per month subscription. If you’re adding six staff calendars, it jumps to $90 per month, and if you have ten or more, you must contact them to find out pricing.


5. Vagaro

5 Best Salon Software for Booth Renters ComparedWhile Square might be a fantastic way of starting off with several different applications, Vagaro has them beat on integration. This is an all-in-one software program that integrates payments, allows for payroll support, gives you the opportunity to integrate your booking through your business website, and even provides marketing support. Through this software, you can also get a custom mobile app built specifically for your salon.

This is a high tech software meant for established salons. If you have a team that needs more features, and needs assistance doing so, Vagaro is right for you. If you’re searching for something that is much more streamlined than other products, you definitely want to look into this software program.

It comes with complete integration into your website, payroll functions, and social media sites. It gives you a dedicate point-of-sale system and gives you access to a client marketplace, while allowing you to even charge rent to booth renters. It also can help you build your website.

Vagaro is $25 per month for a single calendar and allows for free importing from any other software. They have no contract, cancellation, setup, or sign-up fees. Cost increases by $10 per each calendar you add.


Whether you’re looking for full integration or help with your payroll, appointment booking or creating an attractive website, one of these five programs can be useful to you. Make sure you pick one that works best for your business, and don’t forget to look into all the features—you never know how your software can help you promote and improve on your business.


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