Passive Income Ideas for Hairdressers

Hairdressers looking for passive income ideas are pretty common and come with the territory, as it is not always easy to have the right number of clients to sustain your financial life. Having a passive income that you can count on is nice but it can also be a lot of work in the beginning.

Some Ideas for Passive Income for hairdressers are:

  • Having an Amazon Store or another online retail store
  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Becoming a Brand Promoter
  • Creating How-To Videos
  • Other Types of Passive Income such as chair rental or rentals

Just to name a few.

These ideas are not all-inclusive however they are ideas that have proven track records within the industry and others.

Amazon store or another online retail store

When you want to sell the products you use in your salon or you use at the salon you work for, you will need to have a salesperson you can speak to regarding personally purchasing products at a wholesale cost so that you can put them online to sell at a retail cost.

Selling online can create passive income revenue with little maintenance. You will have to update products, product quantities and ship the products when sold, but it will generally not cut into your standard workday.

The hardest part about having an online retail store is getting the attention of people in the market for the items you are selling. There are many online stores and when you have a small store you are not only competing with other small stores but also the big stores that already have their niche, their customers, and their online marketing in place. Using a platform like Amazon might be the simplest way to get your store up and running.


Passive Income Ideas for Hairdressers

To become an influencer, you have to prove to people that you are trustworthy, meaning that you can do all the things you claim you can do. If you can do balayage or today’s best cuts, you must showcase this on your platform to draw in the crowd you are looking for.

When creating value for your group you need to showcase all you can do and make sure to put extra attention to the styles that they are asking for. If you are not proficient or excellent at something don’t showcase it that is the fastest way to lose followers.

Use platforms that cater to these types of people like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, this is where you will gain the followers you need. It takes roughly 10,000.00 followers to become a paid influencer on any platform. The more followers you have the more money you can make.

This type of passive income does come with some time. However, you can use some of this time within the salon while you are doing a cut, color, or other treatment on a client that your followers want to see, with the client’s permission of course.


Brand Promoter

This is along the same line as becoming an Influencer, you will need followers on a platform or multiple platforms. The big thing with this type of passive income is to know your brand inside and out. Make sure that you have a brand in mind that you are comfortable with using and focus that brand on all your videos, tutorials, and other posts.

Showcase the brand throughout the video or in the pictures, say the name of the brand as often as possible without being redundant, and have 10,000 plus followers to get the attention of the brand you want to promote. To obtain income from this the brand will pay you for promoting their product or service.


How-to Tutorials

Passive Income Ideas for Hairdressers

How-to tutorials can be your first step in creating a following among the masses that are a part of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are great at braiding and you know how to do multiple types of braids, this is something you can do a how-to video on for hairdressers. People that look at your videos and like the outcome will then like your page to see more and become a follower so that they never miss a new braid.

Keep how-to Videos easy, things that people can and will do at home. Most people are not going to do their own balayage at home so leave those videos out until you have the followers you are looking for and then you can start adding more advanced how-to videos such as these for prospective hairdressers to also become followers. To generate income from this you can either promote certain products during the tutorial or from advertisers on the video through the platform.

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Other types of passive income

  • Stock Market
    • By investing money you are able to create a passive income that takes very little time if you invest wisely in funds that have growth.
  • Day Trading
    • This is another relatively passive income, it doesn’t take a lot of time but it will take more time than just investing. Day trading is done throughout the day with stocks you buy and sell in its simplest form.
  • If you Rent your chair at the salon you work at
    • If you can rent the chair to another stylist for the hours that you will not be using it.
    • You can charge a fixed rate per week, depending on the hours and days they will be using the chair that you aren’t.
    • Take a percentage of their earnings when using the chair during your off times.
    • Off times can include days you normally do not work, vacations, or holidays the salon is open that you do not work.
  • Rent out space on your vehicle.
    • If there are brands you use all the time at your salon, contact the brands and see if they offer decals that you can place on your vehicle and will they provide you a passive income for advertising.

Being a hairdresser takes a lot of time, hard work and is also a very satisfying career to most who take the time to enjoy their profession. Passive income is nice to have when you are in a service profession, you may not always be able to count on your clients, them keeping appointments, or tipping to completely satisfy your financial needs.


Related Questions

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1. How important is passive income to a hairdresser?

Passive income to anyone is a great source of extra money. Depending o what you earn, your basic cost of living and other financial factors in your life will depend greatly on how important extra income is.

Many people do not want to put in the extra time needed to make passive income, you have to remember there will still be time needed to create whatever platform you will be using for the passive income to generate whether it is an online store, how-to videos or becoming an influencer. You have to get yourself out there and known for any of these to happen.

There are several options you can use to boost your salon business with pennies. Using the VIP Program, Coupons, and Coupon Codes will encourage your current clients to keep coming back as well as invite their friends and families to visit your salon. The cost is relatively pennies if you use the salon computer to print out all your coupons and coupon codes.

2.Can I have multiple passive income accounts?


If you are trying to become an influencer or a brand promoter it is advisable to take on multiple platforms. On each of these platforms you can also ask your followers to follow you on the other platforms you have created through Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

But remember, you will have to put the time in on each platform you choose as well as have diversified content on each platform. Your followers are not going to want to see only the same braid on the other platform they just saw on the one they liked.

3. Will I become rich as a hairdresser influencer?

There have been success stories with this type of “passive income” however if you look at those success stories you will see that most of these people spent a lot of time working on their platforms. So to become successful passive income in the long run they essentially worked two or three full-time jobs to get to where they are.

If passive income is what you are looking for becoming an influencer may not be the direction you want to go and if it is take into account that it may not generate the thousands or millions of dollars you have seen in other success stories.


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