What You Need to Know About Your Salon Business Sign

Starting your salon is such an exciting thing to do. It’s something you can be proud of and that you have to put work into. And for those who do this, it’s usually the culmination of a lot of dreaming. You’re seeing your dreams come to life. Now, you need to put something on the outside of your business that lets other people know where you are and what you’re doing.

Your salon business sign needs to convey to passersby who you are. That sign should be able to draw attention from anyone walking by. It should also be memorable. And most importantly, it should be clear as to what type of business is in that space. Your salon business sign has a big job.

This discussion is going to be about what the different options are for your salon business sign, along with what the importance of a good sign is and what makes it good.

Types of Salon Business Signs

As with any kind of business, there are different types of business signs you can choose from. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you how you work with or around those.

What You Need to Know About Your Salon Business Sign

    • Fascia signs – This type of sign sits in the fascia area on the outside of the building above the doors and windows. The sign will be flat against the exterior of the building so people can see it from the front. These are the most popular type because they’re completely customizable. They can be 3D, include lights, and be made of many different materials.
    • Projecting signs – These are those signs that stick out from the front of the building and have logos and words on both sides. They’re visible coming from both directions, just not if you’re standing directly in front of the salon. They are very good at drawing attention and are usually associated with a more high-end, expensive type of salon.
    • Window graphics – These are usually the most cost-effective. They are even more customizable than the fascia signs. Sometimes these are used in conjunction with another type of business sign, but they can be effective if done in a well-thought manner.
    • Chalkboard signs – Pretty much every salon should have one of these. You can customize them every week with different information and themes. It’s a great way to show more of your personality and what the salon is all about. This can go along with any of the other sign types to help you stand out.

What Makes a Good Salon Business Sign?

A good salon business sign shows anyone passing by that there is a salon sitting right there. It could also show a little something about what type of salon it is, as in hair, nails, massage, or a combination of all of them. 

A good sign will get people to look. If your sign blends into the environment, there’s just no reason to have one. You want your sign to be noticed. You can make it stick out from the storefront, include lights on it, use bright colors, or use symbols that are popular for the region your business is in. 

Your sign needs to say the name of your business. Tell people who you are so they can find your social media pages and your website. Not everyone is going to just walk in to find out more about you. They want to learn about you first, then they may come to see you.

A good salon business sign won’t easily be forgotten, either. There has to be something about it that stands out so people can recall it later. 

Now, you know how to create a good salon business sign, so let’s look at some of the reasons it’s so important. 

Show Off Your Personality

Your salon business sign is often going to be the first thing your potential customers see. You want to make a good first impression—a lasting first impression. Some people will decide, just by taking one look at your sign, whether they want to see what’s inside. So, you want your salon business sign to be inviting, eye-catching, still simple, and an extension of the style inside your salon.

What do we mean by that? Well, if you and your salon are chic, yet very zen, then your sign needs to show that somehow. If you and your salon are laid back and fun, then your sign should show that. Those who may be interested in what your salon has to offer want to have an idea of what they’re going to step into once they go inside. Choose a sign design that shows personality and style for your business.

Draw Attention

Your salon business sign doesn’t have to be so bright and lit up that it rivals signs on the Vegas strip (unless that’s where you’re opening your salon, of course), but it does need to be able to grab people’s attention. You want someone walking by or driving down the street to notice your sign. Half the battle of building your book of business is letting people know you’re there. 

How do you make a business sign eye-catching? You can do this with color. You can draw attention with the size of a sign. You can make it where your sign is easier to see, like with lights or with a sign design that sticks out away from the building. 

What you don’t want to do here is overcomplicate your business sign. Signs that are too complex will just get overlooked because people can’t figure out what they’re looking at in the seconds they have to see it. Make it simple enough to take the guesswork out of what you’re doing there.

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Make a Lasting Impression

What You Need to Know About Your Salon Business Sign

The sign you put on the outside of your salon needs to stick in people’s minds. There has to be something about it that’s memorable. Picture the most iconic signs you can think of. What are the reasons they’re so memorable? If you didn’t just already know what those businesses were from familiarity, how would you tell someone about them? For instance, could you tell someone to take a right on Main Street and you’ll see the large yellow M halfway down on the left? 

It’s easy for you to convey in a couple of words what the sign looked like, which is also why it’s easy to commit the image to memory. When you’re designing your sign, think about how someone could be able to describe it in just a few words. If you can’t think of anything, then keep working on the design until you can. Potential customers have to remember you to end up coming back.

Make Things Clear

Don’t be coy about the design of your salon business sign. An ambiguous sign is a worthless sign. Let everyone know what type of business is inside. Don’t make them guess. While some people may be intrigued by the mystery, the majority of potential customers won’t have the attention span it takes to want to figure it out. 

Your business is a salon, thus, something on the sign outside needs to convey that. It also needs to tell people who see it what the name of your salon is. If there’s no name on your storefront, there’s nothing to throw in an internet search. These days, if people can’t Google your business and find you, they’re almost always going to move on.

Final Thoughts

The sign you put on the front of your salon is the first impression that many people are going to get of your business. That sign needs to make people look and remember it. It needs to show people what your business is and what it’s called. It should also let them know a little about what it might feel like inside, what its character is. You have some choices to make about the type of sign you want to go with. Just do it wisely so your sign is working for you, helping you make new customers out of people just passing by.

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