Best Ways to Train Your Salon Staff

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My goal in training my staff is to make them skilled professionals who can give our clients unforgettable experiences. It’s not just a job for me to run a successful salon. This guide will go over the five techniques I’ve found to be most effective for training shop staff. These methods, ranging from detailed guides to hands-on workshops, have helped me improve the skills of my team and the image of our salon.

Based on my experience, the best ways to train salon staff include comprehensive manuals and online courses for skill enhancement, fostering improved client experiences and competitive advantages. However, this process can be time-consuming and may require a financial investment.

  • Enhanced Skills: Comprehensive training manuals and online courses offer opportunities for staff to acquire advanced skills and techniques, improving the quality of service provided to clients.
  • Improved Client Experience: Well-trained salon staff can meet client needs effectively, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased customer loyalty, ultimately enhancing the salon’s reputation.
  • Competitive Advantage: Investing in staff training gives salons a competitive edge by staying updated on the latest trends and techniques, attracting more clients, and positioning the salon as a leader in the beauty industry.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Implementing effective training methods can be time-consuming, requiring significant investment of time and resources in developing materials, organizing workshops, and facilitating courses.
  • Financial Investment: Training salon staff can incur costs, from purchasing training materials to investing in professional development workshops, which may pose challenges for salons with limited budgets.

Salon Staff Training Manuals

It’s been my experience that salon staff training guides are the most important part of our training program. There is a structured way to learn from these manuals, which cover everything from basic salon manners to advanced styling methods. It takes a lot of work to make sure that every employee gets the same training and understands how our business works.

I change these manuals so that they fit our salon’s wants and style. I make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page with our goal by including our rules, service guidelines, and product suggestions. These guides give my staff the tools they need to do great in their jobs and give our clients the best service possible by serving as a resource for ongoing learning and development.

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Online Training Courses for Hairstyling Techniques

I’ve liked how easy and flexible it is to take hairstyling classes online as I’ve gone along my journey. These classes teach a lot of different things, from basic haircutting skills to advanced color theory. This way, everyone on my team can learn at their own pace. Online classes offer a dynamic way to learn that works for all types of learners thanks to video lessons and quizzes that you can answer.

I like that online classes are easy to get to. No matter how experienced or new my staff members are, they can access these classes from anywhere with an internet connection. This gives them the freedom to learn about their busy plans without stopping the salon from running. Also, when you finish many online classes, you can get certifications that show how skilled and knowledgeable the team is.

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Salon Management Books

Because running a salon well is so important, I’ve been reading books on salon management to learn more about leadership, building teams, and business strategy. The authors of these books are experts in their fields, and they give useful tips and methods based on their own real-life experiences.

Salon management books cover a wide range of topics that are important to salon owners and managers like me, such as how to improve communication and keep clients coming back. I give my staff the information and skills they need to do well in their jobs by including these ideas in our training program. Talking about important ideas from these books in team meetings helps our salon’s attitude of always learning and growing.

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Mannequin Heads for Practice

I’ve found that the best way to get good at hairstyling is to do it a lot of times. Mannequin heads give my team a practical way to practice different hairstyles, from simple blowouts to complicated updos. My staff can get better at what they do and try out new styles without having to worry about working on real people when they work on dummy heads.

Mannequin heads have been very helpful in teaching new dressers how to do their jobs. I help them feel more confident and skilled before they start working with people by letting them practice in a safe space. Mannequin heads can also be used again and again, which makes them a good investment for our salon’s training program.

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Professional Development Workshops for Salon Staff

Putting money into workshops for professional development has helped my salon staff improve their skills and be more creative. These classes cover a lot of different topics, from advanced ways to cut and color hair to how to talk to clients and make sales in stores. By hiring teachers and experts in the field, I introduce my staff to new ideas and trends that help them improve their skills and keep them motivated.

Professional development workshops are also great for my team because they give them a chance to meet new people. Making connections with other professionals in our field can help our salon in the long run by bringing us new ideas, job chances, and ways to work together. I create a team of passionate workers dedicated to excellence in our salon by investing in their growth and development.


  1. Enhanced Skills: Implementing the best ways to train salon staff ensures they acquire advanced skills and techniques, elevating the quality of service they provide to clients. From comprehensive manuals to professional development workshops, these methods foster continuous learning and skill refinement.
  2. Improved Client Experience: Well-trained salon staff are better equipped to meet client needs and expectations, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased customer loyalty. By investing in their training, salons can create memorable experiences that keep clients coming back for more.
  3. Competitive Advantage: A highly trained team gives a salon a competitive edge in the industry. By staying updated on the latest trends and techniques through online courses and workshops, salons can attract more clients and position themselves as leaders in the beauty market.


  1. Time-Consuming: Training salon staff using the best methods requires a significant investment of time and resources. Developing comprehensive training manuals, organizing workshops, and facilitating online courses can be time-consuming, taking away from other salon operations.
  2. Costly Investment: Implementing the best training methods often comes with a financial cost. From purchasing training materials to investing in professional development workshops, the expenses can add up quickly, especially for small salons with limited budgets.
  3. Staff Resistance: Some staff members may be resistant to change or reluctant to participate in training programs, viewing them as unnecessary or burdensome. Overcoming this resistance and ensuring full staff engagement can be challenging, requiring effective communication and leadership skills.


I’ve come to understand that it’s an art form that needs a lot of different approaches. Through my experience, I’ve learned that using a variety of approaches helps my team grow in a way that prepares them to do well in our competitive field.

It has been my personal experience that thorough training guides help my staff understand how the salon works and do a great job in their jobs. Adding both hands-on classes and online courses has also been very important for encouraging ongoing learning and skill development. My team is ready to do well because they are getting the right mix of structured learning and real-world practice.

Adding salon management books has also helped me a lot by teaching me how to be a better leader and run a successful business. This has helped me create a great salon setting. Also, don’t forget how important it is to use dummy heads for practice. This gives my staff the confidence to get better at what they do.

Overall, spending money on professional development classes has changed everything. They’ve sparked my team’s desire to learn and connect with others in the same field. I’ve improved the standard of service in my salon and built a culture of excellence that defines our brand by putting their growth first.

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