Tips for Incorporating Eco-Friendly Practices into Your Salon

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I’ve always had a strong link to the beauty business. At the same time, I couldn’t ignore how our old ways of doing things were hurting the world any longer. That’s why I started a journey to make my business more eco-friendly in every way. In this blog post, I’ll talk about the big changes I’ve made to my business to be more eco-friendly. These include buying recycled plastic furniture and using biodegradable towels.

I recommend implementing eco-friendly practices in your salon to boost brand image, achieve long-term cost savings, create a healthier work environment, address sourcing challenges, and ensure staff are trained in sustainability standards.

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Incorporating eco-friendly practices can boost your salon’s reputation and appeal to environmentally-conscious clients, strengthening brand loyalty.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: While there may be initial investments, eco-friendly practices often lead to significant long-term cost savings through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance expenses.
  • Healthier Work Environment: Eco-friendly products promote a healthier salon environment by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins, benefiting both staff and clients.
  • Challenges in Sourcing: Limited availability and higher costs of eco-friendly products may pose challenges for salon owners, requiring careful consideration and planning.
  • Education and Training: Implementing eco-friendly practices necessitates education and training for salon staff to ensure proper usage and adherence to sustainability standards, though the benefits outweigh the initial investment of time and resources.

Biodegradable Salon Towels

By replacing my salon’s cotton towels with recyclable ones, I made a big step toward being more environmentally friendly. I discovered that these towels, made from bamboo or recycled paper fibers, not only cut down on trash in landfills but also made the customer experience better with their soft feel. Now, every time I use one of these towels, I’m aware that I’m choosing to reduce the damage my salon does to the earth.

Using biodegradable towels wasn’t just an eco-friendly move; it was also a way for me to align my salon with my ideals and attract clients who share those values. Clients are responding well because they like that we care about the environment. It makes me happy to think that something as easy as a towel can have a big effect on the world.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Hair Brushes

Another important step in my salon’s eco-friendly change was switching to bamboo hair brushes. Made from bamboo, which grows back quickly, these brushes not only reduce plastic waste but are also long-lasting and naturally kill germs. Now, when I use one of these brushes to style a client’s hair, I feel good because I know I’m picking an eco-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality.

Not only was switching to bamboo hair brushes a smart move, but it was also a show of my dedication to a greener future. People who have been to our shop have told me they like how we try to be environmentally friendly in every way. It makes me feel strong to know that even the tools I use can help make my field more eco-friendly.

Plant-Based Salon Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies might not seem important, but they are very important for keeping a business healthy. That’s why I switched to cleaning goods made from plants instead of harsh chemicals and poisons. With citrus oils and essential oils added to them, these natural formulas clean well without leaving behind any dangerous residues. I can clean up my salon now that I know I’m not only protecting my clients’ and employees’ health but also making my salon less harmful to the environment.

Not only did switching to plant-based cleaning products make my shop safer, but it was also an effort to run my business in a more environmentally friendly way. Since I made the move, I’ve noticed that the air quality and general mood of my salon are better. It’s nice to know that each spray and wipe helps make the future healthy and better for the environment.

LED Energy-Efficient Salon Lighting

I knew I wanted to light my shop in a way that would save energy without taking away from the atmosphere. Because of this, I chose LED lighting, which uses a lot less power than regular incandescent lights. LED lights not only lower my salon’s electricity costs but also make the space brighter and friendlier for my customers. When I look around my salon and see the warm glow of LED lights, I feel good about myself because I know I’m helping to cut down on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Changing my salon’s lights to LED was a big deal for both looks and the environment. Long-lasting LED bulbs mean fewer replacements and less trash, which helps my salon’s attempts to be more environmentally friendly. Plus, I was able to find LED lights that went perfectly with the style of my salon because they came in a lot of different colors and styles. That something as simple as lighting can have such a good effect on my work and the environment makes me happy.

Recycled Plastic Salon Furniture

Recycling plastic furniture was the last thing I needed to make my shop greener. Made from recycled plastic, these pieces are just as durable and useful as regular furniture, but they have a much smaller effect on the earth. Putting old plastic to good use again not only cuts down on trash in landfills but also sets a good example for my clients and other people in my business.

Using recycled plastic furniture in my shop was a real way for me to show that I cared about the environment and new ideas. Many people have told me how much they like these pieces’ modern style and longevity, showing that eco-friendly choices can be both stylish and useful. Knowing that each chair and table in my business has a story to tell about caring for the environment and smart shopping gives me power.


  1. Positive Brand Image: Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your salon can enhance your brand image and reputation. By demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, you appeal to eco-conscious consumers who prioritize businesses that align with their values. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and attract new clients who appreciate your environmental efforts.
  2. Cost Savings in the Long Run: While there may be initial investments involved in implementing eco-friendly practices, such as purchasing LED lighting or recycled plastic furniture, these changes often result in long-term cost savings. For example, energy-efficient lighting reduces electricity bills, while durable, sustainable furniture requires less frequent replacement, saving money over time.
  3. Healthier Work Environment: Many eco-friendly products, such as plant-based cleaning supplies and low-toxicity hair care products, create a healthier work environment for salon staff and clients. By reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, you can promote the well-being and safety of everyone in your salon.


  1. Initial Investment Costs: Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your salon may require upfront investment in new equipment, products, or materials. This can be a barrier for some salon owners, especially those operating on tight budgets or facing financial constraints.
  2. Limited Availability of Eco-Friendly Products: Depending on your location or niche market, you may encounter challenges in sourcing a wide range of eco-friendly salon supplies. Limited availability or higher costs of eco-friendly products can make it difficult to fully transition to sustainable practices.
  3. Education and Training: Implementing eco-friendly practices often requires education and training for salon staff to ensure proper usage and adherence to sustainability standards. This may involve additional time and resources to familiarize employees with new products or procedures, potentially disrupting workflow initially.


I learned that making my salon more eco-friendly isn’t just a task to cross off a list of things to do for sustainability. It’s also a way to shape a future where beauty and caring for the earth go hand in hand. By making simple but meaningful changes like switching to biodegradable towels, bamboo hair brushes, plant-based cleaning products, LED lighting, and recycled plastic furniture, I’ve seen my salon’s environmental impact improve. These small changes have moved us toward a path that is greener and lasts longer.

I’ve also found a great way to benefit from aligning my salon with eco-friendly values: I not only attract clients who care about the same things I do, but I also help a larger trend in the beauty industry. As I continue to come up with new ideas and motivate others, I’m happy to set a good example. I truly believe that if we all work together, we can create a salon experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment.

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